Employee Ownership

Take ownership of your career.
Design your own future.

“Great Lakes’ ESOP is more than just a significant part of our employee-owners’ retirement plans. The ESOP unites all of us in our planning, execution, and success. It encourages strategic long-term decision-making which in turn leads to more job security, and more engaged and committed colleagues.”

-John Ende, President and CEO, Great Lakes Dental Technologies

The advantage of participating in an Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

  • Beneficial ownership interest in the vested value of stock allocated to your account at no cost to you
  • Stock value in your account is based on the financial results of Great Lakes
  • Being a part of a team whose actions and decisions impact Great Lakes’ financial results and the future value of the company

What is the Great Lakes Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)?

The Great Lakes Dental Technologies ESOP is a tax-deferred retirement plan. To establish the ESOP, the company created a trust that holds the assets, including stock. Individual accounts are maintained in the trust for each ESOP participant.

As a Great Lakes employee and participant in the ESOP, you have beneficial ownership in Great Lakes. You benefit from the value of the shares in your ESOP account. As you continue to work at Great Lakes, shares accumulate in your account through company contributions. At the conclusion of employment, your vested ESOP balance is distributed, according to plan guidelines and based on your financial objective and strategy.

Great Lakes ESOP increases the value of our company. It contributes to how we make decisions for our customers and our coworkers, how we work together to develop strategies, set goals and ultimately how we meet and exceed our own expectations.