Izzy S

Izzy is a wirebender within our Laboratory Division.  She has been employed by Great Lakes since 2014.

Read about her viewpoints on company culture, employee recognition and job satisfaction.

On her start at Great Lakes:

I went to ECC for Dental Laboratory Technology. After I graduated, I went to work for 3-4 different labs. They were very small, family-owned operations. I was looking for a change and I happened to bump into a former classmate who was working for Great Lakes. He convinced me to apply here.

I was a little intimidated coming in from small labs because there are over 200 people that work here. I initially started in the QC (Quality Control) department, but soon after I became a wire bender. I never thought I would become a wire bender because it requires a different level of technique and skill. I was trained and taught how to wire bend from beginning to end. I love it now.

On recognition within the company:

When I started at Great Lakes, I had the education and the prior experience, but I have always been a go-getter as well. I think our company management sees that. From the very beginning, I have always been very vocal about wanting to learn more and do more things. I feel like I have been recognized based on how often I am asked, “Hey, can you do this? Hey, can you do that? Hey, we want to train you for this.” That makes me feel like I’m recognized, I’m valued, and they can depend on me. It makes me feel good as a technician to be valued like that.

On company culture:

Great Lakes is true to its name. It is great. It really is. Great Lakes gives you that sense of stability and financial security. You work with great people, and Great Lakes does so many great things for its employees that you really won’t find anywhere else. We have monthly company meetings where our president lets us know what is going on with all of the company financials. Employees are recognized for their attendance and for milestone anniversaries. I have never worked at a place where there are people that have worked there for 30 years, 40 years.

We have year-end bonuses when we have a good year. I have had other jobs where there are no bonuses. We have company lunches when we hit our goals. They are bringing food trucks here. Those are things that I appreciate. It makes you feel that you are not just here to clock in, do the work, and clock out.

On job satisfaction:

 In the lab, you’re working on real cases, real patients; somebody might have a very deep bite, somebody might have a cleft palate. If you see the way their mouth looks, it’s an incredibly difficult condition to live with. There are some cases that I have worked on and I was like, “Oh, my God!” Just knowing that they’re getting the help they need and getting the appliance they need…you feel good in your heart knowing that you’re helping people.

On her future at Great Lakes:

I’m going to retire here. 🙂